About Us

Who we are

When it comes to fashion and lifestyle E Retail, we at  wegal are you best option for you. From our, we have been providing our Customers and visitors with the best products which they were looking for. Besides, providing great quality products, you as a Customer can also expect about 40% off retail prices.

What we have for you?

We are a very well known online shopping website who is only interested in providing the best options for you. Looking for items related to lifestyle and fashion? We have all that you want. Besides this we guarantee that all products are best of brands, hi- fashion, international and designer.

Why choose us?

We know that just providing with some great items will not be beneficial to our Customers and visitors. But we should provide a great service too. Thus we are proud to say that we have for our Customers and visitors some great services which will take their shopping and selling experience to the next level.
Some of the services provided by us –

• Check brand and products before allowing it in our website.
• Before sale services along with after sale service.
• Attention to details.
• Easy to use interface of the website.
• 24/7 support team and experienced staff
• Beneficial polices like shipping policy, return policy and private policy.
We have kept an option for a visitor to become a Customer of our website and we have made this to ensure that we can provide a great service to them. All our Customers receive e-mails and information about upcoming sales and offers which will be a great help as we believe in first come first serve basis. So, browse our website and see what products and services we at  wegal have to offer for you.