We at wegal decided that we will provide the best services from day one and thus we have adopted some policies which not only helps us to run the website and the business better but with them, we can are capable of providing the best help to Customers.

Policy against offensive language
At our website we have a strict policies regarding offensive language. We request each and every members and visitors that is Customers and sellers to not use any abusive, hateful, racists or sexual content or language. If by any chance there are any products which contain any blasphemous words are used in the products then it is requested that you blur them or use the help of asterisks.

Thus it is requested and advisable that if you see anyone using languages which are not pleasant then does inform us as we have a strict policy against it and we make sure that immediate steps are taken. From the seriousness of the offense we will either choose:
• Suspension.
• Limitation placed on privileges of account.
• Termination of account.
• Loss of special status gained.
• Temporary suspension, and
• Formal warning.

Replacement policy
We also have a replacement policy as we know that the products has to travel a great distance and thus in the process of shipping things can get damaged. Besides that, there are may be a chance that a product is defective. In these two situations and similar situations, products will be replaced. But if it is seen that a Customer is committing fraud or using a fake name and other information, then either termination of account or legal action will be taken according to the seriousness of the situation. This is all we will do, we will not be responsible to refund amount spent or replace the item in such a case.

Return Policy
We at wegal are very proud of our return policy. We known that sometimes a member that is Customer may need to return a product for a certain reason and that person can do it easily as we have a 7 days return policy. We wanted to make sure that we have a very helpful return policy and thus we decided on a 7 days return policies as according to the researches we made we saw that 7 days is enough time for a customer to return item. But here we want to mention that we would like the Customers to return the item purchase taking good care so that any item do not get damaged or lost in the process of returning. Besides this, a Customer is also requested to explain in details to the seller the problem faced by them that is the reason for returning the item purchased. If it is seen that a seller is refusing to take the return, do contact and let us know of the situation so that we can take appropriated steps.

Dispute resolution process
We are a platform where Customers and sellers meet and we are not responsible for any transactions or communication which takes place between the Customer and the seller. But we do have a dispute resolution process which we take when there is a dispute between the Customer and seller who are members of our website.

Customers’ protection program
In case of dispute, we will ensure what is in our power to resolve the dispute so that both the Customers and sellers are benefitted in the end. This will include conference phone calls and other such methods of contact. But it is very natural that a Customer may not want to supply their identification during the dispute resolution program. Thus keeping this in mind, we have decided to go with the Customers’ protection program where information of the Customers will be kept a secret from the seller.

Customers’ eligibility
A Customer should have to be eligible to enter the Customers’ protection program. The things which should be taken into consideration are firstly, the Customer should have provide a proof that they made the purchase via our website only. Secondly, they should first contact the seller directly and if no help is received then only they can approach to us for our dispute resolution program.

Besides this, a Customer should also make sure that the item in question is kept with them in care and no damage is caused by them to the item or items involved. Lastly, the Customer should contact us with 45 days from the purchase to get the help which we at wegal have to offer.