Shipping Policy

We at wegal are here to provide the best services so that a customer can be rest assured when taking our help. When we thought about setting up the company, we made a promise to ourselves, that we will make sure that a customer of ours gets the best benefits from us. So, from day one, we have been providing the best services which also include a great shipping policy.
Thus we are well aware of the fact that if a customer wants a product from us then we have to ship it for a great distance. So, few things were need to be taken into consideration to make sure that our customers find no option to complain, which is one of the goal of our company.

Proper shipping procedures which we take

We Deliver the Product Through DTDC , DHL Mode.
All customer should receive the product within 12 working days from the date of purchase.

So, we understood that the only way we can be sure of the fact that a product will not be damaged while shipping, if we take care of the packing process. Thus we have selected staffs that are expert in this field and have been in the business of packing and shipping for a long time. In their experienced hand we are certain that a customer will have no problem of any sort regarding our shipping policy.

Only the best quality of packing materials is used to ensure that a product is completely protected while it travels such a great distance. Besides this, we are also very careful of the shipping address. We will ensure that no product is shipped to a wrong address and thus we minimize the worries of our customers. We also want to add that all products shipped will reach the destination at a correct time.

Shipping methods taken by our customers
We at wegal take so many precautions just to make sure that our customers get the best result from us and thus we also expect the same thing from our customers too. We have a 7 days return policy where a customer can return a product which they have problem with. We require a customer to ship us the product which is to be replaced within 7 days of getting the product and by using all the methods which we took to ensure safe shipping in the right address.